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A gastronomic restaurant, 1 Michelin star.

L’Almandin, the L’Île de la Lagune’s restaurant is the perfect place for a high-prestige or special event, or a party with friends. A large terrace, direct access to the garden and the private beach, a view out over the lagoon - that’s the setting. In the kitchen is Frédéric Bacquié, a lover and advocate of local food, who offers a precise, delicate cuisine with real respect for the produce, flavours and geography. It’s an opportunity to rediscover the rich Mediterranean culinary heritage over a cocktail party with a buffet or a gourmet meal.

L'Île de la Lagune


The panoramic restaurant

The Les Flamants Roses hotel's restaurant offers a “panoramic tasting” time. Whether you’re inside the restaurant or out on the terrace, there’s blue sky and the Mediterranean as far as you can see. The chef, Sylvain Marsault, and his team have a taste for typically southern freshly-cooked cuisine and are used to welcoming groups for buffets, cocktail parties, meals with a number of services, in the gardens for receptions or gala evenings, in the restaurant for a business or family gourmet meal - all configurations are possible. Let’s just listen to what you fancy.

Les Flamants Roses

Les Ganivelles

A gourmet break with innovative cuisine

The chef at Les Ganivelles (the Les Bulles de Mer hotel's restaurant), uses innovative culinary techniques and unexpected and always natural ingredients, which are a perfect fit for the hotel’s philosophy. The result is always amazing, combining gourmet flavours with a light, healthy approach. The chef’s dishes offer surprises for unique tasting breaks. The volumes and living areas at the Les Ganivelle restaurant allow it to cater to groups of all sizes (the large main room, terrace and area beside the swimming pool, etc.) with maximum comfort.

Les Bulles de Mer

Le Lido restaurant

Meals with your family or friends

Ever since it first opened, the Le Lido restaurant as had a reputation for its copious buffets and warm, relaxed ambiance. It caters for groups of friends and families for all kinds of shared events, such as wedding and baptism meals, anniversaries, parties, etc. Either inside the restaurant itself or beside the swimming pool - and just a short walk from the Mediterranean Sea - the chef Romain Thiebaud offers packages with a buffet or a sit-down meal - it’s up to the guests to choose - but always remembering the philosophy of the Pascale and Étienne Lormand’s house, which is making sure customers enjoy themselves.

Le Lido

La Table du Golf

For meals “on the green”

The La Table du Golf restaurant is in the middle of the Saint-Cyprien Golf Resort, in an ocean of greenery, cut off from the hustle and bustle of the resort. It caters for all lovers of good food based around a “traditional French” tradition in a bistro ambiance. With all the simplicity of a true gourmet, Julien Boy cooks up appetising dishes and offers a “grill of the day”. It’s the perfect place to meet up and enjoy some peace and quiet with colleagues amid the greenery1.

Saint-Cyprien Golf Resort

Les Halles Solanid

Eating on the go, but with taste as a bonus

For maximum efficiency and so as not to waste any time without ever sacrificing taste and flavours, Les Halles Solanid, the Port-Marine hotel in Sète’s healthy-eating restaurant, offers fresh, flavoursome organic dishes which you can eat in or take away to enjoy while you work. Each recipe, put together by a chef and a nutritionist, adheres to a “healthy food” charter, because good food doesn’t have to be boring.

Port Marine
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