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Saint-Cyprien golf course

Saint-Cyprien golf course (Pyrénées-Orientales, 66) opened in 1976 and has two courses (eighteen and nine holes) with a “links” feel. Next to the eighteen-hole course there is a natural pond, and also a bird sanctuary, and the nine-hole course sits inside a wooded area with pine, plane, olive and eucalyptus trees. This wild, unspoilt aspect, combined with the splendid view out over the Pyrenees mountain chain, helps to provide the golf course’s personality, in addition to offering a very worthwhile golfing challenge (good lengths, technical holes, etc.)

> Saint-Cyprien golf course

Time to relax during the seminar
An introduction to golf

Golf Attitude is in charge of all the teaching at the Saint-Cyprien Golf Resort. For introductory or refresher courses, François Bagnouls’s team help golfers improve using a unique learning method and a suitable infrastructure - practice, Trackman1, etc.) If the visiting group already know how to play golf, then obviously a genuine match or a mini-tournament can be organised.


François-Xavier, the organiser of a “golf seminar”, says:

“On the advice of the RH Events team, I offered the people taking part in the seminar two activities - golf and thalassotherapy spa. I knew quite a lot of people were interested in golf, so half the group met up on the course for proper half-day of golfing, while the others were unwinding at the spa. The club lent us the equipment we needed and we really enjoyed checking out the nine-hole course. After a few days of really hard work, the space, greenery, fresh air and physical exercise were a welcome “reward” for everyone”.

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