Your hotel for a thalassotherapy spa seminar
on the edge of the Mediterranean


The thalassotherapy spa
in the South of France

The thalassotherapy spa is a Mediterranean tradition dating back to Ancient Times, and even back then people had already identified the benefits of seawater. There are two Roussillhotel hotels offering thalassotherapy spa treatments and cures and they are easy to incorporate into a seminar or group tourist holiday as a relaxation activity, irrespective of which hotel you are booked into.


The Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy spa

The Les Flamants Roses hotel is a large thalassotherapy spa hotel. With an area dedicated to relaxation and well-being covering 1200 m2, 2 heated seawater swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), 39 treatment booths, 1 Turkish bath, 1 sauna, 1 marine area with jacuzzis, underwater jets, 1 fitness room, 1 tea room and 1 beauty centre, the Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy spa offers a guaranteed chance to unwind for everyone taking part in the seminar1. The treatments available include both massage techniques from all over the world, spa rituals, scrubs, slimming treatments2, face treatments, etc.

> Les Flamants Roses

The L’Île de la Lagune
thalassotherapy spa

The L’Île de la Lagune thalassotherapy spa has a reputation as the most intimate in France. With its heated outdoor swimming pool and its panoramic view it offers an unusual thalassotherapy experience. Why not spend some time in the solarium while you’re waiting to set off on a genuine journey for the senses in one of the nine treatment booths? Choose your perfume at the scrub bar, sip a cup of tea as you enjoy the view and soak up these unique moments of deluxe cocooning.

> LÎle de la Lagune

The thalassotherapy spa
with Carita and Thalgo

All of the practitioners at Roussillhotel thalassotherapy spa centres follow highly rigorous protocols some of which are “labelled” by big brands such as Carita and Thalgo. This is a guarantee of quality and trust from these leading names in the world of thalassotherapy spas and well-being.


Flavia, the organiser of a five-day seminar
at the Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy spa hotel, says:

“With five working days and a very busy schedule, the opportunities to relax were welcome. I’d chosen one treatment per day for a welcome break at the end of each morning, and most of the participants also took advantage of having access to the marine area to wind down at the end of the afternoon. All of a sudden, everyone was on top form for our working sessions and we were able to stick to our agenda. All of the RH Events team and tout all the staff at the Les Flamants Roses hotel were incredibly responsive and we were able to spend a really pleasant week and get a lot of work done. One little bonus was the food - the amazing variety of wonderful meals offered by the restaurant and the chef”.

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